Klocwork 10.1: Improved support for C#

You asked for it and we delivered.

For Klocwork 10.1, we've improved our C# language support, tailored our desktop analysis tools for your C# codebase, and given you the tools you need to analyze your most complex projects.

Klocwork 10.1 now provides full language feature support for C# 3.0. We've also improved language feature support for C# 4.0. Under the covers, we've improved our semantic analysis engine, helping to increase the efficacy of our C# checkers while decreasing the number of false positives they generate.

We've added a new checker to our family of powerful C# checkers. The CS.SQL.INJECT.LOCAL checker prevents against SQL injection attacks by malicious code.

Better metrics

As part of our analysis engine improvements for this release, we've improved the accuracy of the metrics that our Visual Studio plugin reports when you open a project. The Visual Studio plugin now provides accurate reports for:

  • number of lines of code
  • cyclomatic complexity
  • percentage of comments
  • number of parameters
  • maximum level of control nesting
  • sum of lines of code of the function
  • non-comment, non-blank lines of code

We've also improved the accuracy of the following C# metric based reports:

  • complexity trend
  • complexity details
  • size trend reports

You can access the new C# metrics reports via the Web API. See Klocwork Insight Web API cookbook for more information.

And finally, have you got an overly complex C# project on your hands? Do you need a hand with your C# analysis? We've created a collection tool specifically for C# projects called Kwcscollect that you can use to collect your project data. Run the tool against your project, collect the data, then send it to the Klocwork support team for review. We'll take a look at your project data and provide you with the help that you need to get up and running.

More information

Check out the complete list of new features, see What's New in the product documentation.

Ready to get started with your C# project? See Running the C-sharp integration build analysis for tips on how to run your first C# build analysis.