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Akana API Management

The Akana Platform provides an end-to-end API Management solution for designing, implementing, securing, managing, monitoring, and publishing APIs. It is available as a SaaS platform, on-premises, and as a hybrid deployment. Learn more about Akana API Management features here.

The Akana platform is the underlying infrastructure for the Akana family of products, which also includes:

Lifecycle Manager

Lifecycle Manager, an Akana product, is a metadata repository and SDLC management product that enables enterprises to effectively collaborate between business, developers, and IT operations, resulting in rapid development and deployment cycles while increasing reliability, stability, and availability of their APIs and supporting assets.

Lifecycle Manager provides an intelligent inventory of assets and includes their relationships to each other, to the technical infrastructure, and to the company's business architecture. Using Lifecycle Manager, organizations can accelerate reuse and SOA initiatives, as well as improve the governance over production and consumption of services and other reusable assets. Application developers, business analysts, and technical and business architects can search the repository for the company's SDAs, to identify those that best match business and technical requirements for application development and integration.

When integration between the developer portal and Lifecycle Manager is set up, the developer portal supports custom properties for certain resources in the developer portal (apps, APIs, and users).

For more information, see the Lifecycle Manager main documentation page.


Envision is an analytics platform that allows you to slice and dice your data to analyze every aspect of your business and digital strategy. It can help you collect data and identify patterns, trends, violations, baselines, or historical context. The domain of the data you wish to analyze is open-ended. For example, you might want to analyze:


  • Information relating to your API operations, such as usage patterns or SLA violations
  • Business-specific information such as sales trends or the effectiveness of different sales channels.


For more information, see the Envision main documentation page.

What's new in Akana Platform 2018.0.0

The Akana API Platform 2018.0.0 release includes several key features, enhancements, and API interface changes since the last major release including:
  • SNI in Developer Portal
  • Physical Services in Developer Portal
  • Open Banking enhancements, including JOSE upgrade
  • Lifecycle Coordinator
  • Software support updates
  • Continuing focus on security
  • Scalability and performance enhancements


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CodeDynamics looks at your complex C and C++ applications at execution time to help identify and correct bugs, memory issues, and crashes. Learn what's new in the latest release: What's New with CodeDynamics.

For full documentation, see CodeDynamics on Rogue Wave's Product Documentation site.



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Elixir is a set of components that extends the Adobe Flex component set and can be deployed in Web-based (Flex) applications or in Adobe Integrated Runtime desktop-based applications. Elixir helps you build better Rich Internet Application (RIA) and Rich Desktop Application (RDA) graphical user interfaces (GUIs) faster.

Elixir provides Flex user interface developers with an extensive collection of diverse interactive visual components that help end users to understand information more easily, react faster, and make better decisions. Each component is designed to improve developer productivity and provide access to innovative visualization technology, including 2D and 3D pivot charts, time lines, tree maps, heat maps, map-based dashboards, calendars, organization charts, and gauges and indicators.



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HostAccess® offers a suite of terminal emulation products that provide Windows™ users with secure access to legacy, host-based applications. HostAccess also has the ability to enhance the interface of existing applications with toolbars, mouse support, push buttons, combo boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, ActiveX™ controls, COM objects, and includes the powerful AutoGUI feature.

The benefits of using HostAccess for terminal emulation include increased user productivity by providing the ability to perform multiple tasks, standardization on one terminal emulation solution, and point-and-click report production and host data integration with Windows™ applications.

Technical functionality includes:

  • Support of over 30 different terminal emulations, including IBM 3270, DEC VT series, Wyse 50/60, SCO ANSI, Data General DG216, MDIS Prism 8/9
  • Support for SSH & SSL secure network protocols
  • Graphical keyboard mapping
  • Full GUI capabilities
  • Fully-integrated macro language



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HydraExpress helps you respond to rapidly evolving customer needs and market changes by providing a development and hosting framework for high-performance C++ web services. Using the power of advanced XML, SOAP, and WSDL services, HydraExpress drives new C++ application development and transforms existing C++ applications for use in service oriented architectures (SOA).

HydraExpress enables you to create SOA applications that are flexible and interoperable, leveraging the crucial business logic locked within existing applications and adding the flexibility and maintainability you need to keep up with changing requirements.


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IMSL Numerical Libraries

IMSL is a suite of cross platform numerical libraries available in Fortran, C, Java, .NET and Python. IMSL Libraries are a comprehensive collection of mathematical, statistical, financial, data mining and machine learning functions developers can embed into their sophisticated numerical analysis applications.

Create competitive differentiation and unlock innovation by using the most trusted, tested, and reliable algorithms available. Backed by a team of mathematicians and statisticians, IMSL Numerical Libraries allow you to address complex problems quickly with a variety of readily-available algorithms. With IMSL, you get consistency from prototype to production.


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JRebel is a JVM plugin which fast tracks the development of Java applications by skipping the time consuming build and redeploy steps. JRebel makes developers more productive since they can view code changes in real time, while preserving application state. JRebel integrates with 100+ leading frameworks, as well as application servers, IDEs and build environments.

Contact JRebel technical support


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Rogue Wave JViews provides Java developers with an extensive collection of advanced and interactive components to build high-performance graphical displays for desktop and web applications. The JViews product suite provides pre-built components for charts, diagrams, and maps. The extendible toolset provides an IDE to rapidly develop complex UI's reducing development time by 50-80 percent.

JViews meets todays demands to help users visualize and assimilate large amounts of data and in real-time. Representing data graphically in charts, diagrams, and maps helps users understand complex information and respond to rapidly changing events.

JViews is delivered using the following packaging:

Rogue Wave JViews Packages
JViews EnterpriseA complete set of visualization tools and components.
Includes JViews Charts, Gantt, Diagrammer, and Maps
JViews ChartsCombines a rapid application development tool for quickly configuring a chart display with a comprehensive Software Development Kit for customization.
JViews DiagrammerA comprehensive set of design tools, components and libraries for creating graphical editing, visualization, supervision, and monitoring applications. It allows you to easily create diagrams, to show the relationships between entities, as well as dashboards, and to monitor business or industrial systems.
JViews MapsDevelopment libraries and tools that handle both the map background and the symbology to place on top of it. These symbols are graphic objects that represent the assets and entities you need to visualize at their given locations.
Includes JViews Diagrammer
JViews Telecom Graphic ObjectsA suite of graphic components that includes all the views and business models required for building standard, effective and intuitive user interfaces dedicated to Service, Network, and Equipment management systems used by Communication Service Providers.
Includes JViews Diagrammer and Maps
JViews Maps for DefenseAssists defense operations to get battlefield environment and conditions awareness, both for mission planning and execution, with a comprehensive set of development tools and components for better visualization.
Includes JViews Diagrammer and Maps


What's New in JViews 2017.1

The latest version of JViews includes support for Java 9. JViews 2017.1 includes patches and bug fixes. See the release notes for more details.

What's New in JViews 2017

On occasion we find improvements are necessary for our customers business-critical applications, requiring alterations to our product which break backward compatibility. JViews 2017 is such a release.

When migrating to JViews 2017, plan for additional time for migration. Our support team is always available to answer questions and assist with your migration.

Improved Accuracy
Most computations are now calculated in double precision in place of floating point precision to provide better accuracy. This was critical to our maps customers who needed objects drawn at precise locations.

A result of changing computations from single to double precision floating point, many JViews signatures have changed. To assist in migrating to JViews 2017, a migration tool has been provided to evaluate your code and determine which methods/constructors require modification. The JViews Release Notes provides migration guidelines and instructions to download the Migration tool.

Java Support
JViews 2017 supports Java 7 and 8. Please note JViews 2017 will be the last major release to support Java 7.


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Klocwork 2018.3

October 30, 2018 - Rogue Wave Software announces that Klocwork 2018.3 is available for download. Downloads are for current Klocwork customers only. If you are not a customer and would like to evaluate the product, please request an evaluation here. Klocwork 2018.3 includes the following features:


  • Analysis engine improvements – We continue to enhance and improve our analysis of C++ 11, C++14, and C++17 language features on Windows and Linux platforms, improving analysis accuracy and developer productivity.
  • We've updated and expanded support for AUTOSAR C++14 by adding a new taxonomy that you can use to ensure compliance with the AUTOSAR C++14 Standard, release 18-03.
  • Improved support for several of our supported compilers.
  • Several of our checkers were improved to reduce false positives and/or detect additional defects.
  • and many more updates...

The full product package installs this release correctly when the previous version of Klocwork is already installed. See the latest documentation to learn more.


Latest Video

Best Practices for Klocwork

February 14, 2018 - Learn how to tackle a long issue list and the best practices to use while working with Klocwork (4:01 min.)



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With Rogue Wave OpenLogic, you get much more than fast bug fixes, you get around-the-clock access to Tier 3/4 open source architects ready to support, consult, and educate your team to solve issues across your entire software stack and development lifecycle. Our vendor-neutral, unbiased support covers the top open source software packages used in mission-critical production environments and includes:

  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) with all support contracts
  • 12x5 Silver Support or 24x7 Gold Support with around-the-clock coverage
  • Access to Tier 3/4 open source architects and a dedicated CentOS development team
  • The confidence to troubleshoot production issues, optimize performance, and complete system upgrades
  • The experience to assess projects, perform architecture and security reviews, hold on-site classroom training, and create technical white papers
  • Available support for CentOS Linux with a dedicated development team providing patches and hotfixes hosted on our own CentOS repository



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Meet your data analysis requirements efficiently and accurately with PV-WAVE®. Software developers rapidly import, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data using PV-WAVE solutions. PV-WAVE is an array oriented fourth-generation programming language used to build and deploy VDA applications.




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SourcePro conforms to the newest security standards, improves usability, and supports the latest platforms, compilers, and databases. Learn what's new in the latest release: What's New with SourcePro.

For full documentation, see SourcePro on Rogue Wave's Product Documentation site.


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Quickly build professional Windows GUIs

Develop complex GUI applications that are easy to build, maintain, and evolve as new technologies improve the look and feel of user interfaces. Controls in Stingray® include many common items found in GUI applications: combo boxes, tool bars, frames, menus, tree controls, and much more. In addition to these basic controls, Stingray has embeddable components that provide a starting point for your application, similar to popular Microsoft applications such as Excel®, Visio®, Chart®, Visual Studio®, and Access®. Easily extend and customize these base components to meet your development needs. You can download the latest version by filling out a request here.

Please see our release notes for additional bug fixes and improvements.



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Delivering safe, robust code requires tools that help identify potential issues early, fit cleanly into development environments, and minimize impact on delivery times. TotalView for HPC delivers unbeatable platform, language, and compiler support for applications. Learn what's new in the latest release: What's New with TotalView for HPC.

For full documentation, see TotalView for HPC on Rogue Wave's Product Documentation site.

Views C++, Server and DB Link

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Views C++ Component Suite

Rogue Wave Views is a cross platform C++ library that brings the power of high performance 2D graphics and the convenience of GUI builders into one array of easy-to-learn products. Views dramatically reduces user interface development time and risk through dedicated components and tools.

  • Large collection of portable GUI components, such as menus, buttons, text fields, toolbars, tables, and trees
  • High-performance 2D vector graphics, to create highly custom applications
  • A powerful GUI builder, reducing interface development time
  • Support of diagrams, dashboards, schematics, and customizable business objects
  • Shorter development time and reduced maintenance costs, through ready-to-use cross-platform GUI components


Rogue Wave Views Component Suite Optional Products
Views ChartsThis powerful data visualization product provides polar and Cartesian charts, fixed or multi-directional scrolling charts, with selectable orientation and a high-level of customization. Compatible with any Views Component Suite product.
Views MapsMapping package for applications requiring cartographic backgrounds. It provides advanced mapping features such as projection systems and load-on-demand.
Views Data AccessCreate data aware controls by adding connectivity to data. An extension of the Rogue Wave Views Studio editor allows you to graphically build SQL statements and to bind GUI objects to the results.
Views Graph LayoutAdds layout capabilities for displaying hierarchical networks of nodes and links.


Rogue Wave Server is a large-scale object engine combining business objects with real-time business event notification to implement multi-tier client/server applications.

Server provides a highly scalable modeling framework. Represent the elements and topology of a supervised system as shared in-memory services with Rogue Wave Server. Modeling abstractions match those offered by object-oriented design notation like UML, and Server bridges the gap between business model design and implementation. Because objects stored in the Server-based mediation server are active, all business events, such as object modifications and structural changes, are registered and buffered for forwarding to subscribing clients.

  • Synchronize hundreds of GUIs
  • High-performance notification engine
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Web-enabled supervision


DB Link

Rogue Wave DB Link is a simple yet powerful interface to one or more relational databases. Its API (Application Programming Interface) is independent of both the platform and the database.


What's New in Views 6.2.1, Server 6.2.1, and DB Link 6.2.1

The latest version of Views, Server, and DB Link includes support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. The latest version includes patches and bug fixes. See the product release notes for more details.

Announcing Views 6.2, Server 6.2, and DB Link 6.2

We are committed to continually improving the Visualization C++ suite of products. This release of Views C++ and Server 6.2 is focused on customer reported bug fixes.

Views C++ 6.2

New Features

  • Active X registration: The Windows installer now registers the delivered ActiveX during installation.
  • New method: IlString::matches() added to perform a simple match of string and a given pattern.
  • Pointer event compression: Four new methods have been added to IlvAbstractView. These methods allow applications to filter pointer motion events on Unix platforms to improve performance.
  • Xft fonts are now available in IlvFontSelector.


Additional Improvements

  • Windows Server 2012 is now supported
  • Additional updates in Studio and Gantt


Server 6.2

New Features

  • Improvements to ensure Server applications are more robust against intrusions and bug fixes to prevent client connection failures and server application errors.


Additional Improvements

  • Windows Server 2012 is now supported
  • Additional updates and bug fixes
See the latest documentation for more details.


DB Link 6.2


  • Windows Server 2012 is now supported



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XRebel Hub
Find performance regressions in test - XRebel Hub shifts performance management to the left so that you can find performance regressions before they reach your customers.
XRebel Hub

XRebel Local
Fix performance bugs in development - XRebel Local provides real time feedback on application performance in local development so bugs can be debugged and resolved faster.
XRebel Local

Contact XRebel technical support


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Zend Server

With Zend Server, development and operation teams are equipped with the software infrastructure, tools, and best practices for productive collaboration and continuous delivery of their mobile and web apps with exceptional performance, reliability, and security. Supporting the explosive performance of PHP 7 with innovative tools to rapidly isolate production issues, Zend Server is a proven platform to help organizations deploy faster, reduce downtime, and operate at internet scale.

What's New in Zend Server 2018?


  • Introduces PHP 7.2
  • With Apache, both FPM and Apache module modes are supported
  • With Selective Deployment in application updates, you can select nodes of the cluster to deploy the new version to - e.g. for A/B testing or gradual deployment
  • Numerous Virtual Hosts can now be attached to the same app codebase (e.g. non/secured)
  • Boost your apps performance by getting insights to optimize your Data Cache and Page Case usage
  • Deployment Automation and Management for Windows
  • Leverage the power of Job Queue, by using it for managing and running offline CLI scripts in PHP and any other scripting language
  • Firing Code Trace directly from Z-Ray


Zend Studio

With 3X faster performance, Zend Studio allows you to code faster, debug more easily, and take advantage of the massive performance gains in PHP 7. This is the next-generation PHP IDE designed to create high-quality PHP apps while boosting developers’ productivity. It automatically scales according to the DPI settings of the underlying operating system, and supports HiDPi displays.

What's New in Zend Studio 13.6

The latest Zend Studio release supports PHP 7.1 and all its improvements to the language. Zend Studio 13.6 features advancements in the Composer and JavaScript tooling, allowing you to create a new PHP project from a composer package or take advantage of the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. It also brings support for HiDPi displays and automatically scales according to the existing DPI settings.