TotalView for HPC 2018.1

This release adds new exec and fork handling controls, NextGen interface updates, expanded Team Plus license support, and several other enhancements and bug fixes.

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PDF Documentation

All HTML documentation is also available as individual PDFs:

NextGen TotalView for HPC

NextGen TotalView Installation Guide »
NextGen Supported Platforms »
NextGen TotalView Reference Guide »
NextGen TotalView User Guide »

TotalView for HPC

TotalView Installation Guide »
TotalView Getting Started Guide »
TotalView User Guide »
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TotalView for HPC Documentation

This page points to some key features and getting started info. Use these links to access the complete HTML documentation:


Explore TotalView's new UI and how to use its features.

The complete legacy documentation set, including the MemoryScape and ReplayEngine user guides.


Set up and start TotalView

Install TotalView, compile your programs for debugging, and start the debugger.

Install TotalView
Compile for Debugging
Start TotalView

Learn the basics

Start a debugging session and step through your program. Includes memory debugging, the command line interface, CUDA and multi-process, multi-threaded applications.

Getting Started Guide
Debugging Tutorial

Explore the NextGen UI

The NextGen interface continues to add features. To explore more:

Create a Debugging Session
Debug Python
Control Multi-Processes & Threads

HPC applications

Debug High Performance Computing parallel and multi-core applications (Legacy only).

High performance scalability
Parallel Debugging Strategies
Xeon Phi Debugging

Memory debugging

MemoryScape is integrated into TotalView for advanced debugging of memory issues (Legacy only).

Getting Started with MemoryScape
Using MemoryScape with TotalView
Understand your Memory Usage

Reverse debugging

Work backward in time to find the cause of problems. ReplayEngine is embedded into TotalView for HPC and NextGen.

About Replay Engine
Replay your Program
Set Replay Bookmarks