C/C++ compilers supported for build integration

As part of creating a build specification, Klocwork automatically searches for the following compiler types by default. If your compiler is not on this list, contact Customer Support by sending an email to support@roguewave.com so that we can support your compiler. For details on compilers and on creating build specifications generally, see Creating a C/C++ build specification.

Compiler typeKlocwork compiler codeNames of common compiler variantsIntroducedImproved
Analog Devices Blackfin and TigerSHARCdspccblkfn, ccts9.5 
Archelon Carchelonmcc10.0 
Archelon CSR Kalimba Ckalimba_cc kalimba_linkkalcc, kalcc32, kld11.3 
ARMarmcc armlink ararmcc, armcpp, tcc, tcpp armlink armarPre-9.511.0, 11.2
CADUL C cross compiler for Intel 80X86cadul_compile cadul_linkccu38o lnku38a9.6 
CEVA compiler (NVIDIA)cevac16cc10.0 
Clangclangclang clang++9.6 SR310.2, 11.3, 2017
CodeWarrior Freescale S12chc12chc129.510.4
Compiler caching toolsccacheccache, distcc9.5 
Cosmiccosmiccompile cosmiclinkcxs12x, cx6812, cx6816, cxstm8 clnk9.510.2
Embarcadero compiler/linkerbcc blinkbcc32 ilink329.5 
Fujitsu FR Familyfccfcc911s, fcc907s9.5 
GNUgnu gnu_ldgcc, g++, cc, c++ ldPre-9.511.3, 2017, 2017.1
GNU arararPre-9.5 
Green Hillsghs ghscom ghslink ghsargcc, gcx, ccarm, cxarm, cccfe, ccmips, cxmips, ccintppc, cxintppc, ccv850, ccppc, ccsh, ccintarm, cxintarm ecomarm, ecomppc ecom800, ecomsh, elxr axPre-9.510.2, 11.2, 11.3
Hexagon Toolsqdspqdsp-gcc, qdsp-g++9.510.1
HI-CROSS+ Motorola HC16chc16chc162017 
HI-TECH C compiler/linkerpicc piclinkpicc hlink9.6 
Hitachi ch38ch38ch38.exePre-9.5 
IAR 78kiar_78_compileicc78k0r10.010.1
IAR compiler/linker for AVR32iar_avr32_compileccavr3210.1 
IAR compiler/linker for MAXQiar_maxq_compileiccmaxq10.1 
IAR compiler/linker for RL78iar_rl78_compileiccrl7810.1 
IAR H8iar_h8_compileicch810.010.1
IAR M32Ciar_m32c_compileiccm32c10.0 
IAR RH850iar_rh850_compileiccrh85010.4 
IAR SH compiler/linkeriar_sh_compileiccsh10.010.1
IAR Systems C compiler/linker for:
  • 8051
  • NEC V850
  • MSP430
  • M16C
  • Renesas RX210
  • CR16C
  • ARM
  • Atmel AVR
  • Renesas R32C
icc8051* iccv850 icc430 xlink iccm16c iar_rx_compile iar_rx_link icccr16c iccarm ilinkarm iar_avr_compile_filter iar_r32c_compile

*Klocwork does not process the compiler option for icc8051 to open standard input as source instead of reading source from a file. If your build uses this option, you can save the source code to a file and run icc8051 with the source file as input, or you can choose to ignore these compilations. The code that is piped through standard input will not be analyzed in the Klocwork build (this is what kwinject does by default).

icc8051* iccv850 icc430 xlink iccm16c iccrx ilinkrx icccr16c iccarm ilinkarm iccavr iccr32cPre-9.510.1
IBM XL C/C++xlccc, xlc, xlC and related commands (see kwfilter.conf in the <kw_install>/config directory for the full list)9.5 
ImageCraft AVRiccavriccavr9.5 
ImageCraft M8C compiler/linkericcm8c ilinkm8cilinkm8c ilinkm8c10.3 
Intel C++icc iclicc, icpc iclPre-9.510.1, 11.1, 11.3, 2017
Intel iC-386c386c386a9.6 
Keil CA51c51 lx51c51, cx51, c166, c251 lx51, l166, l2519.510.1, 2017.3
Marvell C compiler/linkermarvell_compileccmsa10.0 
MetaWare High C/C++ararc ldarc mccarac, mcc, h386, hcarc, hcac, ldarc, ldacPre-9.510.1
Metrowerks CodeWarriormwcmwcc, mwccmcfPre-9.510.1
Microchip MPLAB pic24pic30pic30-gcc9.510.1
Microchip MPLAB pic32pic32pic32-gcc, pic32-g++, xc32-gcc, xc32-g++10.0 
Microchip MPLAB XC8 Cxc8sc82017.1 
Microsoft Visual C++mscompile mslinkcl, clarm link, libPre-9.510.2, 2017.1
Microtecmcx mlkmcx mlk9.5 
Microware Ultra C for OS-9ultraxcc10.0 
Motorola DSP563moto563compile moto563linkg563c dsplnk9.6 
MPLAB C18mcc18 mplinkmcc18 mplink9.510.1
MPLAB XC16 Cxc16-gccxc16-gcc2017 
Nintendo Cafe Platformcafe_compile cafe_linkcl, link10.1 
Nvidia CUDAnvccnvcc9.6 
Panasonic Ccc103S ld103Scc103S ld103S9.5 
Panasonic MN101E/MN101Lcc101 ld101cc101 ld10111.2 
Paradigm C/C++pcc plinkpcc plink9.6 
Plan 9 Cplan9 ar0c, 1c, 2c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c, kc, qc, vc ar.l9.5 
Renesas 78K0Rren_cc78 cc78k0rren_lk78 lk78k0r9.6 
Renesas CC-RL RL78 Familyccrlccrl2017.2 
Renesas CXren_cxcx10.0 
Renesas M32R family compiler/linker
  • ren_m32_compile
  • ren_m32_link
cc32r (compiler) lnk32r (linker)10.0 
Renesas R8C and M16C familiesnc30 ren_ln308nc30 nc308 ln3089.510.1, 11.3
Renesas R32C familync100nc10010.111.3
Renesas RH850 familyccrhccrh11.2 
Renesas SuperH and RX familyrxcompile rxlinkrxc, shc optlnk9.510.1
Renesas V850ca850 ld850ca850 ld8509.5 
Rowley Crossworks for MSP430rowley_compilehcl10.0 
Sony SN Systems compiler for PS2, PS3 and PSVitasncpsp2snc, ps3ppusncllv10.010.1
Sony Orbis Clang compiler for PS4clangorbis-clang10.010.1
NXP StarCore Freescalescc sc100-ldscc sc100-ldPre-9.510.1, 2017.3
Sun Studio C/C++sunCC, ccPre-9.510.2
Synopsys ARC MetaWare compilerccacccac11.011.3, 2017, 2017.1
Target Chesschesschesscc10.011.1, 11.3
Tasking 68K Toolset compiler/linkertasking_68_compile tasking_68_linkc68360, cp68360, c68332, cp68332 (compiler) llink (linker)10.0 
Tasking ARM Toolset compiler/linkertasking_arm_compile, tasking_arm_linkccarm (compiler) lkarm (linker)10.0 
Tasking Classic Toolset for C166 compiler/linkertasking_classic_166_compile, tasking_classic_166_linkcc166 l1669.510.2
Tasking DSP56X Toolset compiler/linkertasking_dsp56_compile, tasking_166_linkc563, cp563 lk56310.1 
Tasking IFX SLE88cj2cj29.5 
Tasking SLE88 compiler/linkertasking_sle88_compile, tasking_166_linkc88 lk8810.1 
Tasking Tricoretricore_compile tricore_link

The filter file for this compiler defines both the __CTC__ and __CPTC__ macros with single leading and trailing underscores instead of double underscores, which can lead to false positives in shared code.

cctc, ctc, cptc (compiler)

ltc (linker)

Tasking VX Toolset for C166 compiler/linkertasking_166_compile tasking_166_linkcc166 lk1669.610.1
Tensilica Xtensa C/C++xtensaxt-xc xt-xc++9.610.1
TI ARP32 C/C++cl_arp32cl-arp329.5 
TI msp430 C/C++cl430cl4309.510.1
TI tms320c6x and tms320c55xcl6x link6x ar6xcl6x, cl55 link6x ar6xPre-9.510.1
TI tms320C3x/4x Ccl30/lnk30cl30 (compiler) lnk30 (linker)10.0 
TI tms320c28xcl2000 lnk2000 arcl2000 lnk2000 ar20009.510.1, 2017.2
TI tms470cl470 lnk2000 arcl470 lnk470 ar4709.610.1
TriMedia tmcctmcctmcc, tmCCPre-9.5 
Watcom compiler/linkerwatcom_compile watcom_linkwcc, wpp, wcc386, wpp386 (for compiler) wlink (for linker)10.0 
WinAVRgnu aravr-gcc, avr-g++ avr-ar9.610.2
Wind River Diabdiab dld ardcc, dplus dld darPre-9.510.1
Wind River GCCgnuccppc, ccmips, ccpentium, ccarm, c++ppc, c++mips, c++pentium, c++arm9.511.3, 2017
ZiLOG eZ80ez80cc ez80linkez80cc ez80link9.5