CodeDynamics updated to version 2017.3

November 14, 2017 - CodeDynamics, the leading dynamic analysis and debugging tool for complex commercial application by Rogue Wave, has been updated to version 2017.3.  This release brings many improvements for debugging complex C, C++ and Fortran applications as well as improvements for debugging mixed language applications built with Python and C/C++.

Improved Inline and Optimized Code Debugging Support

Significant improvements were made to the way CodeDynamics debugs inline functions. CodeDynamics is now able to step the debugging session through the functions and show the local variables for each of the inline function calls.

Python Debugging Improvements

Release 2017.3 of CodeDynamics brings improvements in the ability to debug standard Python interpreters distributed along with the operating system without requiring a debug build of the Python interpreter. See the Python Debugging section in the User Guide for more details and requirements.

CUDA 9 Support

CodeDynamics has been validated against the latest release of the CUDA SDK, CUDA 9.

macOS High Sierra Support

CodeDynamics 2017.3 has been validated against the latest Apple macOS High Sierra release.


Utilize Leak Detection and Reverse Debugging within your CI Process

Continuous Integration (CI), the process of frequently integrating changes from the development into the existing code repository and automatically triggering a build and test of the new changes, has enabled development teams to avoid major integration and merge headaches and resulted in the routine production of a quality build of the product. In this release, we provide several how-to articles, scripts and examples so you can learn how to integrate leak detection and leverage the power of reverse debugging to quickly solve test failures within your CI process. These are available in the examples/CIExamples of your product’s installation directory.

User Interface Improvements

There are several great enhancements to the CodeDynamics user interface that will make debugging your applications even easier. If you have any feedback about the new user interface, requests for new or missing features, or any problems, please send email to

  • Conditional Watchpoint support - Version 2017.3 adds support for Conditional Watchpoints, which allow you to define a short expression to run when the watchpoint triggers. Use the expression to check the new value of a variable, display information or execute some other type of custom logic.
  • Modify properties on Action Points - Editing of properties for each of the types of support Action Points including breakpoints, watchpoints and evaluation points has been added. Use properties to make minor changes to an existing action point without having to delete it and recreate it.
  • Improvements to Lookup View search algorithm - Being able to find functions, files and other symbols in your program is important. In order to aid in these activities, we enhanced and refined the search algorithm used by the Lookup View in order to remove duplicates and better prioritize the found results.
  • Incremental display of data in Data View improvements - Performance and scalability improvements have been made to the Data View allowing for the incremental display of very large structures.
  • Bug fixes and improvements - Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements have been made to the new UI.


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