TotalView updated to version 8.15

February 19, 2015 - TotalView, the Rogue Wave intuitive source code debugger, has been updated to version 8.15. Trusted for years in large-scale environments TotalView 8.15 features expanded capabilities to debug big, complex mission-critical code.

  • Improved scalability and performance to debug many processes on clusters and supercomputers at any scale
  • Faster and smoother debugging with large C++ programs making heavy use of C++
  • Added platform support, including CUDA 6.5 and support for Fortran 2008 Coarrays on Cray systems.

"Today’s coding environments are getting bigger and more powerful. What used to be high performance or supercomputing is the desktop of today. TotalView 8.15 can more easily scale up or down to the size of the development environment, allowing developers to debug parallel applications locally on their multicore desktop or across the nodes of a compute cluster with ease," says Chris Gottbrath, principal product manager.


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