Title Summary Release Date Product
Klocwork Quality Report Overview

An overview of the Quality Report for Klocwork Static Code Analysis (3:18 min.)

Reporting with Klocwork Static Code Analysis

An introduction to creating reports and managing the security of your code base (5:02 min.)

Introduction to Server Issues in Visual Studio

An introduction to Server Issues in Visual Studio (3:01 min.)

Introduction to SmartRank

An introduction to using SmartRank to prioritize your issues (4:22 min.)

Klocwork Licenses - Advanced Topics

Advanced concepts of licensing, including topics such as triad licenses, reserving licenses with option files and finding out how many licenses are in use. (4:38 min.)

Introduction to Licensing

The basic concepts of how Klocwork licenses work (11:43 min.)

Klocwork - Continuous integration for Jenkins

Let us guide you through the Klocwork Continuous Integration setup with Jenkins. In this video, we will walk you through how a Jenkins project administrator would configure their project to be analyzed by Klocwork. Applies to Klocwork 2016 and later. (5:49 min.)

TotalView - CUDA debugging

This video shows how to use TotalView to debug CUDA programs and reviews the features added to the debugger to facilitate debugging on GPU devices. (6:48 min.)

TotalView - Evaluation Points - Part 3 of the Action Point series

Part 3 of the Action Point series. This video covers how to set Evaluation Points and includes demonstrations of how they are used. (7:52 min.)

TotalView - Breakpoints - Part 1 of the Action Point series

Part 1 of the Action Point series. This video covers the basics of creating simple breakpoints and how to use the Action Point Preferences menu to set default breakpoint creation values. (5:05 min.)