All Rogue Wave customers: What’s new?

Rogue Wave’s Support Center provides a common access point to support resources for all Rogue Wave products. Our new look allows you to quickly select a product and access the correct forums, blogs, documentation and sign-in for that product. For Klocwork and Akana, you will be redirected to the support portals you are familiar with, and can use your previously created user name and password. For Zend customers, if you have not previously registered on Rogue Wave’s Support Center, please see the Zend customers: What's new? answer for more information about how this move impacts your contact with Zend support.

Open Source Support and our newest additions, JRebel, and XRebel, do not have portals, but you can access information about those products through their tabs on the home page of the Support Center.

We’ve also added the Rogue Wave Zend Store at Once you register on either the Support Center or the Rogue Wave Zend store, you can access the other by using the same user name and password.

Zend customers: What's new?

We are integrating the accounts for all our products into the Rogue Wave corporate accounts. The accounts from have completed this merger, however, the login username and password you used for are not part of the merger. The new consolidated Rogue Wave Support Center and Rogue Wave Zend Store require new credentials.

You can still use your username and password to access the Zend forums, but for support, please register on the Support Center or the Zend Store with your official email address and create a new password.

I can't see my list of products or my Cases from the Support Center or the Store. Where are they?

To see your Assets (purchased products) and Cases (support tickets), you must be associated with the Assets in our database. If you registered with an email address that is different than our records, you won’t see your Assets or Cases. Similarly, if this is your first time visiting the Support Center or the Store, we may not have connected you with your company’s assets. We want to keep our records accurate, so please contact us at or through the Support Center with the following information:

How can my colleagues see my support Cases?

For security reasons, our Support Center allows only the creator of a Case to access the Case details, unless that person specifically shares the Case information. There are several ways you can do this, depending on your situation:

We respond to the person who initiated the support request, and they decide who else may see the Case through the means listed above.