Code Review

Klocwork Code Review is a flexible and easy-to-use code review tool that simplifies the review process. Designed for development teams of all sizes, Code Review fits into the developer workflow to ensure code reviews are both effective and fast.

You can use Code Review to:
  • create code reviews either before or after you commit to your SCM,
  • create code reviews from your IDE (Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA) or from the command line,
  • update existing code reviews with new revisions and follow-on actions,
  • invite reviewers on a required or optional basis,
  • create a custom feed by following users, teams, or components.

Choosing your workflow

As part of your development proces, you can choose to perform code reviews either before or after your developers submit their code. Choosing a workflow is entirely up to you and Code Review does not provide a policy mechanism for enforcing a pre-checkin code review. See Submitting your review for a discussion on how Code Review fits into your existing development process.

Working with Klocwork Code Review

Code Review is simple and straightforward to use regardless of your role in the organization:

Configure and Manage Code Review

See the Code Review administration guide for information about:
  • configuring permission policies,
  • importing code reviews from an existing server,
  • configuring email notifications, and
  • installing a desktop plugin.