Klocwork 2017

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Set up your environment

Let us walk you through the process of getting Klocwork up and running, so you can started creating more secure and reliable software. From installing for the first time to upgrading to the latest release, all scenarios are covered in this section.

Quick Start

Get it all configured

Learn how you can configure your build configuration and existing projects to integrate with the Klocwork toolchain. Find out how to tune your analysis and set up your integration for better results.

Build configuration
Project configuration

Analyze and integrate

Learn about how to configure and customize how Klocwork analysis is run on your project.  Learn how to get started with Desktop analysis with support for Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and other methods.

Performing Klocwork analysis
Desktop analysis

Manage your projects

Discover how Klocwork Static Code Analysis can help you manage your team through project and user management, custom reports and drilling down into the issues that matter. Learn how to improve overall team productivity.

Measure and manage your projects in Klocwork Static Code Analysis


Klocwork Checkers scour your source code for defects and potential vulnerabilities. At the most basic level, checkers provide the logic that drives the Klocwork analysis.

C/C++ checker reference
Java checker reference
C# checker reference

Start reviewing your code

Check out how to make code review flexible and easy as possible with Klocwork Code Review's simplified review process. Improve your code quality with as little interruption to your daily workflow as possible.

Get started with Klocwork Code Review